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Sonic Stamp

Sonic Stamp is a unique device for payment service and point service.
It is already widely used in Korea and overseas.
Sonic Stamp one-click technology lets you make payment or
use/get points easily without requiring addition equipment.

Simple & Easy

One Click Authentication


Usable Off-line

Loyalty & Marketing

Easy to Promote


Deduction from Prepaid Amount

Sonic Stamp

Sonic Stamp
Supports Android, iOS and All Web Browsers

Sonic stamp sends a unique information to user’s mobile phone. The sound of the stamp is a non-audible and cannot be heard in our ears, and each stamp can generate its own sound waves and can be applied to various services.

Sonic stamp sound waves are recognized through the microphone of the smartphone. Because it uses sound, it can be used freely in the environment without internet. Payment and authentication can be done by stamping device without any additional equipment.

Sonic stamps are used in various fields such as ticket authentication, point accumulation, mobile payment, and coupon payment. Experience the world of cutting-edge technology with Sonic stamp.

Authentication in Less than 1 Second, 0% Misrecognition Rate
Lithium-polymer Battery(15 Minutes of Charging Results in a Week of Use)
Supports Android, iOS and All Web Browsers
Applicable to App/Web Services such as O2O Service Requiring Smartphone Authentication

Use Case

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