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Sonic Marketing

Discover new marketing experience with SmartSound. Real-time mobile engagement in public places is
possible using the characteristics of sound. TV and digital signage can also be utilized more efficiently by
SmartSound. Mobidoo offers a SmartSound SDK specifically for marketing and advertisement.

Real Time

Real-time Marketing


Indoor/Outdoor Location-based Marketing


Pairing-free Broadcast Authentication


Exquisite Customer Targeting

Sonic Coupon

Sonic Marketing Solution
Customer Engagement

Sonic Marketing is a solution that enables you to connect with customers through
sound waves both indoors and outdoors. It can be applied to all devices with speakers,
such as kiosks, digital signage, and tablets, and can be linked with content.

Using sound waves, users can be engaged vis smartphone at various
use-cases such as ticket authentication, coupon promotion for sports game and concerts.
You can not only grasp the location and movement of customers,
but also enable rich communication.

Mobidoo Sonic Marketing is designed for accurate
measurement of TPO (Time, Place, Occasion).

Event, Promotion, Etc.

Use Case

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