Sonic PASS - public space accessment and indoor location authentication CONTACT CONTACT CONTACT

Sonic PASS

Sonic PASS is a gate-entry or door-lock access solution to public or prices places. Entry system can be
authenticated and managed by SmartSound, which can be applied to common entrance, door lock,
entrance and even attendance.
Mobidoo provides SmartSound SDK specialized for access entry security.

Mobile Key

Mobile Key

Decoding Kit

H/W Developed by Mobidoo


Non-contact Method

Secure & Safe

Security Reinforced
through Data Encryption

female hand holding phone to open turnstile

Sonic PASS Solution
Provision of Commuting Management System

Mobidoo’s Sonic Pass solutions are available for school
attendance checks, corporate commute management, gate access and more.
It can be implemented by using existing speakers,
smart phones or designated hardware device.

Mobidoo’s technology allows fast recognition speed and distance control technology to
enable quick and easy access control for many people,
and to prevent attendance and commuting requests on the
same device with optimized security technology.

Supports Android and iOS
Provision of Mobile/Web-based Attendance/Commuting Management System
Connectable with Systems for Organizations and Human Resources Affairs

Use Case

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