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WooriBank Company Broadcast_Mobidoo Introduction

Mobidoo was introduced to in-house broadcasting of WooriBank which is representative bank of Korea.
2019.07.29/by admin

Mobidoo Sonic Pass (Inha Tech College).

Insert a device that generates sound waves into the gates (library, dormitory, etc.), so enter and exit with mobile easily.
2019.05.01/by admin

Mobidoo SmartSound for Air Purifier (IoT)

Applied SmartSound technology can be easy to check the filter status.
2019.03.22/by admin

Mobidoo Sonic Pass by Smartsound (Namma Metro India)

Gate pass example video for Namma Metro in India, by applied Sonic Pass utilize SmartSound.
2019.03.20/by admin

Subway arrival alarm service using sound wave technology (Seoul Metro)

A demonstration video showing the SmartSound from the announcement when the subway arrives at the platform and check the alarm on the mobile phone.
2019.03.20/by admin

Door Lock Control Video Using Sound Wave Technology

Demonstration of door lock control using smart sound in Kumho Solution Day 2018.
2018.10.20/by admin

Lotte(the biggest retailer in Korea) with mobidoo sonic payment solution

L.Pay's actual demonstration video of Lotte with Sonic Payment solution by Mobidoo.
2018.04.19/by admin

Mobidoo’s Sophisticated Sonic Payment Technology

Mobidoo’s sonic payment technology is compatible with the pre-existing payment methods involving a POS terminal, a PDA terminal, or a sign pad.
2018.04.09/by admin

A Video Demonstrating L.Pay Payment Equipped with Sonic Payment Technolog

This video demonstrates how L.Pay equipped with sonic payment technology can be used to pay in a 7-Eleven convenience store.
2018.03.09/by admin

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