Sonic Payment

Sonic Payment is a contactless mobile payment solution which utilizes existing speakers at payment devices via SmartSound technology.
Sonic Payment SDK has token security technology and can be applied to various devices such as POS, Kiosk and Phone-to-Phone.


P2P Mobile Prepayment

Mobile Offline

Off-line Authentication


Non-contact Method

Safe & Transparent

Safe, Transparent System


Sonic Payment Solution
Contactless Payment on any device

The Sonic Payment solution is a contactless solution that allows you to
place your smartphone on a payment device to make payments or use coupons.
It can be used on all types of smartphones, and you can implement
payment infrastructures using only the speakers of your payment device.

In 2017, Mobidoo commercialized Lotte’s and sonic-based mobile payment
services for the first time in the world, applying it to POS, sign pads and PDAs
of 100,000 units nationwide, including Seven-Eleven.
The Sonic Payment solution provides secure authentication technology
based on sound tokens and processes 3 million transactions per year.

P2P Mobile Payment Service (Possible to apply POS, PDA, Sign-Pad, Kiosk etc)
Mobile Coupon & Point Service

Customer using contactless payment in leather shop


P2P Payment Solution
Convenient and Secure Mobile Payment

The P2P Payment solution provides services that allow merchants
and users to easily make payments using only apps without requiring
a separate payment device.
It is simple and safe to make payment by simply bringing in merchant apps
and user apps in an environment that does not have a POS device.

SmartSound recognizes the other party even when offline, and
it is easy and convenient to send / receive money without
troubles such as manually typing information.

P2P Mobile Payment and Coupon
Loyalty and Membership service.

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Sonic Pass SolutionUniversity Attendance System.

Sonic Pass SolutionUniversity Attendance System.

With Smart Sound, the sound waves generated from an electronic desk allow the attendance status of a student to be checked on a mobile phone. With Smart Sound, it is possible to create a connection with the student management system used in a university setting for more accurate, more convenient management.

With our sonic technology, the attendance status of all students can be conveniently and promptly checked at the same time. In addition, because a connection can be created between a mobile student ID and the student management system used in a university setting, our sonic technology enhances the accuracy and convenience level of the student management system used in a university setting. In addition, because our sonic technology can be applied to diverse services, it contributes to enhancing the efficiency of the student management system used in a university setting.

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