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SONIC MKT Solution LG Electronics

With a web os-based open platform run by LG Electronics, we can apply Smart Sound to a digital signage product and create an interactive communication between mobile devices and between tablets.

Our consumers are promptly and conveniently provided with the signage information on a mobile phone, and can effectively deliver their product and company information to the consumers.

Sonic Pass SolutionUniversity Attendance System.

With Smart Sound, the sound waves generated from an electronic desk allow the attendance status of a student to be checked on a mobile phone. With Smart Sound, it is possible to create a connection with the student management system used in a university setting for more accurate, more convenient management.

With our sonic technology, the attendance status of all students can be conveniently and promptly checked at the same time. In addition, because a connection can be created between a mobile student ID and the student management system used in a university setting, our sonic technology enhances the accuracy and convenience level of the student management system used in a university setting. In addition, because our sonic technology can be applied to diverse services, it contributes to enhancing the efficiency of the student management system used in a university setting.

Doku Wallet DOKU

Through the application of SmartSound-based peer-to-peer service to DOKU Wallet developed in Indonesia, users can use sound wares and QR codes to pay with coupons in the DOKU member stores.

DOKU Wallet is a mobile wallet that provides diverse financial services such as prepayment charging, credit card connection and coupon purchase/use in member stores. Any coupon purchased through this service can be used via the sound waves or QR codes equipment with Smart Sound. Any coupon purchased through this service can also be used in an internet-free environment and in an off-line environment.

Mosic-e Management Supporting Group for Small Business Committee

Mosik-e equipped with Sonic Stamp is a prepayment-based mobile payment service used to process payments without requiring a POS terminal.
Mosik-e is a mobile service app featuring prepaid meal tickets. By using Sonic Stamp equipped with SmartSound™, it is possible to collect the welfare points used in a company setting, and the collected points can be used as cash in the restaurants nearby that company.

With Sonic Stamp, our member stores can simply introduce the service without having to consider the costs of a payment device and our users can use the points to purchase the products and services provided by our member stores, including restaurants and coffee shops.

Incheon Smart MICE Pass Incheon Tourism Organization

Sonic Stamp is applied to Incheon Smart MICE Pass Service which is a smart MICE platform service provided by Incheon.
This app is used to conduct a stamp tour, and Sonic Stamp can be used to acquire the stamps as sonic waves are used to visit the designated tourist attractions.
In addition, people can use Incheon Smart MICE Pass App to pay with Smart Stamp in any service member stores such as cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops.

This allows people to efficiently and conveniently enjoy diverse tourist attractions Incheon has to offer.

SONIC IoT Solution Samsung Electronics

Smart Sound supports the technology that can be used to receive a notification message stating the filter status and replacement period of an air purifier on a mobile phone. The sound waves generated from the speaker attached to an air purifier can be received on a mobile phone to inform you of the filter status

Using SmartSound, it can possible to create a direct connection with an air purifier by simply running the app without having to pair an electronic device with a mobile phone. With smart sound, consumer can be experience simpler, more convenient services

Application of sonic Marketing solution KOCCA

Smart Sound can be used to diversely communicate with the audiences at the SangSang Power Station Concert Hall run by Korea Creative Content Agency.
Sonic Marketing Solution uses the speakers installed at the concert hall and provides smart sounds containing marketing information to communicate with the audiences.

By running the app, the audiences are provided with an opportunity to use a location-based service equipped with sound waves to conduct diverse marketing activities such as ticket authentication.

Application of Sonic Marketing Solution Seoul Metro

Through the application of SmartSound to the train entry announcements heard on a subway platform and to the next station announcements heard on a train, you can receive the subway train arrival notification messages on a smartphone.

Since users can receive the subway train arrival notification messages and current station notification messages on a platform or subway train through a mobile phone, we provide our customers with such a convenient environment.
In addition, such convenience is expanded as the notification messages are visually delivered to people with auditory disorder. our technology contributes to make to social values and effects.