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Connecting Begins, Sonic World

 mobidoo provides the technology that sending data over inaudible sound waves to make a connection. With over 3 years of experience in commercialization and continuous improvement, we have the best technology and experience in the industry. We provide the best user experience in various services such as mobile payment, authentication, IoT and marketing based on our sound wave technology.

Contactless Payment Market ($)
Connected Devices
Mobile Wallet Users

 mobidoo is taking the business into Global

Team ‘mobidoo’ helps each other to get over any difficulties

Mobidoo helps individuals grow through solving tough problems. We pursue happiness through sense of accomplishment that makes things that are not in the world.

We Smile

 We always smile with the positive mindset.  We believe the work – life balance and achievement in work make us smile.

We Help each other

We help each other. We share the belief of helping each other when you are in trouble.

We Think

We pursue nurturing the thinking power. Think of new ideas to solve given problems

mobidoo welcomes any talents with
passionate and positive mind!

We’re Hiring Developers, Marketers and Designers!

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